Think Pink

Sometimes, I like to make music that represents a color. With my upcoming project Reverie where the promotional graphics are color-coded, those colors have to match the song. Some songs sound pink or blue, or more interestingly, I hear a gradient of hues that tell a story. If musicians want our work to create imagery in the minds of our listeners, why not envision our own music the way we want it to be received while making it? Color is a simple & fun way to accomplish this.

Generally, color is a phenomenal communicator. My website has a palette of blue, pink and purple because they remind me of dreams and fantasies, which is my M.O. I hope anyone visiting my site sees the bright splash of hues and understands me more on a subconscious level. As they (or you) listen to my portfolio, it helps provide a framework for them to understand my music through as well. Listening to “Peaceful Vibes” from my Royality TV soundtrack, that track sounds like an almost whitish blue. In the best case scenario, looking at the blues in my header while listening would invoke a pleasant emotion you wouldn’t have had otherwise. The greatest songs, the music I’ve loved forever, had color long before I realized it.

Fun fact: the title of this post “Think Pink” is inspired by the song”Pink” from the musical Funny Face, where the phrase “think pink” is a mantra. It’s not a musical I hear about often, but it’s influential in its own way. Definitely a favorite of mine!