MWDH and Growth

Magical Warrior Diamond Heart (MWDH) was a project I offered to do on a whim. Arthur, known as Pyonkotchi, needed an original soundtrack for their game, and I needed music to pad my portfolio. With cute art, a fun story, and a following from a mere demo, there was no reason not to. I began the project as spec work on the recommendation of a professor before I knew I would be getting paid. The Kickstarter was a success, and from there, the ball has been rolling ever since. In my blind excitement, what I didn’t expect is how much of an impact this project would have on me musically and career-wise.

You see, this visual novel is inspired by magical girls, as evidenced from the title alone. Magical girl anime has rock music. I had never made a single rock song in my life. Through this project, I expanded into territory I thought I would never crossed into and learned something new. But it’s not just rock. I learned how to learn any genre of music I’ve never made before through research and referencing. Whereas I had much stricter limits on what I would and wouldn’t create before, I’m willing to try more genres now. I believe in my adaptability, and therefore myself, more. While making the music for a magical adventure, I had a little journey of my own. Funny how things work, isn’t it? Life finds new ways to help you grow.

The most unexpected aspect of this soundtrack is exactly how it can function as a portfolio. I’ve waxed poetic about how much I love animation numerous times. Plenty of anime soundtracks feature rock music. Language barrier aside, if an opportunity like that ever came my way, what would I have done before MWDH? Would I have feared that I’m not capable enough and turned it down? There’s a good chance that inexperience and inflexibility would have caused me to walk away from an incredible opportunity. So, the MWDH soundtrack has been pivotal for me personally and professionally.