On Audio Formats

Vinyl is still immensely popular today despite being nearly archaic in today’s world of streaming. It’s not unusual for artists to offer vinyl albums as merchandise. Because of this, I am curious to know if it’s wise to offer CD, vinyl and cassette bundles for any nostalgic fans. Cassette is the underdog here, but the packaging can be so cute that I would hate to overlook it. There’s a long history of other less popular audio formats that can be utilized, too. If I were able to get my hands on it, it might be interesting to have a lesser known audio format as an exclusive, limited release. I’m simply not sure if there are audioheads who would enjoy something innovative like that, or if I should stick to the tried and true formats.

What’s so special about this is having something physical to keep in an increasingly digital society. If possible, I want to have a good blend of digital and physical goods for fans to enjoy. When the time comes, I’ll likely ask fans what they want directly. It’s just nice to look at potential ideas ahead of time, and see if there’s anything new I can add to what’s commonly done. Envisioning the future also helps me stay focused and determined in the present. Thanks for reading!