On Aux Reverie

I wonder if dreams inspire me so much because they’re seemingly unattainable. I can’t reach out and touch a star, but I can create something that makes me feel like I’m there. We like things that make the impossible feel a little more possible because we all have dreams of some kind. Whether it’s financial stability, the best love of our lives, traveling the world, or becoming a world-famous musician, everyone wants something. No matter how hard we wish for them, things come in their own time. So, if I’m being sold a dream, I see it as temporary, something to hold me until my wish comes true.

Working steadily towards aspirations is a good habit, too. But years can go by while your nose is to the grindstone. Let your head float in the clouds every now and then. It’s good to get swept up by your passion and remind yourself why you’re working so hard in the first place. My music serves as that reminder for me, so it’s a constant feedback loop of inspiration, progress, and inspiration again. Aux Reverie means a lot of things to me. It’s how listeners can perceive my music as dreamlike and fully immerse themselves. It’s the intersection of music (aux) and fantasy (reverie) that blends my love of song and fairytale elements. Most importantly, it’s the power all of us have to create dreams with our own hands. Each time a song materializes from my mind, I’ve done just that. While working to achieve greater goals, I’ll never lose sight of that.