Eva Marie takes the mundane, the magical, and everything in between, transforming them into ethereal melodies. The 24-year-old composer knows how to dive deep, gripping the heart of any story and pulling a magnetic song from it. That intuition drives her creative essence, Aux Reverie – the fluorescent music of dreams. Her mission statement? Channeling starlight into a charming assortment of sounds. She begins her journey to composition with her nose in fiction novels.

“I’ve always felt a connection to the world of fantasy,” Eva says. “Fiction has to balance realism with escapism – it has to break the mold of reality while still being plausible to the audience. As a singer-songwriter, I have the same challenge. My subjects are all stories we’ve heard before – love, heartbreak, internal conflict, healing, and so on. It’s my job to reimagine them in a way that enchants the masses while still feeling familiar. And with fantasy, I get to go beyond the human experience. To write things we’ve all seen, felt, and lived in an otherworldly context is to take the surreal and make it real.”

Spellbound by her love of R&B classics, Eva began singing and songwriting at three and six years old respectively. Her mother gave her singing lessons until she could afford a professional teacher. She was inspired by her parents’ Sunday morning jams, as well as her growing interest in the soundtracks of Disney and Studio Ghibli. Combined with novels such as Inkheart, Artemis Fowl, and Walk Two Moons, storytelling became of the utmost importance. Various creative projects throughout her youth refined her focus. Music is her storytelling medium, and illustrative art is the visual. It comes as no surprise that while pursuing a college education, she polished her skills composing soundtracks for independent games.

After garnering several game titles under her belt, Eva graduated from Full Sail with a Music Production Bachelor of Science. The tenacious composer’s next move was finding her niche in an oversaturated market. To blend her love of animation and music, she studied how illustrative artists approach their craft. Joining their visual perspectives with her aural sensibilities set the stage for an ambitious Patreon project. “Visual artists tap into the power of fandom every day,” Eva muses. “They create fan-art and fan-made merchandise, set up online shops and table at conventions. Where is the original music equivalent?” Enter Reverie, a contemporary music series reimagining stories from popular fiction as infectious records. With a unique range of influences, from Joe Hisaishi to Aaliyah, she finds her signature style at the intersection of pop, R&B and orchestra. This is the palette she uses to craft vibrant character themes and love anthems.

“The idea is to create a catalog of music showing I can write for any scene or character while engaging with something I love – fandom. I may not be able to put out music at the same frequency as art, but I can create something with replay value. My broader career goal is to be the singer-songwriter or composer for the films and series I’ll be working with. But the benefit of Patreon is being able to connect with fans more directly while supporting those lofty career goals.”

For Eva, music is most fulfilling when it offers more than a passive three-minute listen. She hopes to enhance the tales creators have meticulously crafted, and to produce a sonically pleasing world of her own. Eva is currently writing music for independent games while making a buffer for her Patreon. The young creative fine-tunes each song to an emotion or a setting, like the exposition of a novel with passionate lyricism and emphatic strings. Simply, she aims for the heart.

“There’s endless things to write about, endless stories I want to share with the world,” Eva says. “The moment you enter this creative space and listen to the music, you feel like you’re daydreaming. That’s the reverie of Aux Reverie.”

With love,

Eva Marie